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Student Research


Emma Ayala, Visual Arts Undergraduate Research Award Recipient
Mentor Professor Corrie Parks

Strata Animation: Layers in Time and Space

Ayala is researching strata animation, a form of animation where multiple frames are visible at once. Her process employs cut paper, drawn animation, and colored lights to create an emotionally expressive and visually engaging narrative short film.


Amy Berbert, Visual Arts

Visual Arts alumni Amy Berbert (’17) was interviewed on on WJZ CBS Baltimore recently about her ongoing series “Stains on the Sidewalk” which started as her senior thesis project. Amy makes a photograph at the site at which every person murdered in 2016 at the precise time and date it occurred one year later and then posts it on social media. Read the interview here


Jolee Cohen, Acting, Undergraduate Research Award Recipient
Mentor Professor Eve Muson

Summer Shakespearean Study

Jolee Cohen is a senior BFA Acting major and Linehan Artist Scholar. With the assistance of the Linehan Summer Award and an Undergraduate Research Award, spent the past summer in London, U.K. studying Shakespeare at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Her research will apply the teaching techniques she learned abroad to UMBC productions, including the Department of Theatre’s upcoming rendition of Twelfth Night.


Bentley Corbett-Wilson 
B.A., Music (Music Education)

UMBC has presented me with opportunities that have led me to be more open-minded, think more critically, and take action within my community.

Bentley Corbett-Wilson’s UMBC story is one of personal growth and supporting others through leadership in shared governance and campus life.

As president of UMBC’s Student Government Association (SGA) during the university’s 50th anniversary, and an active senior member of the Student Events Board (seb), Corbett-Wilson was closely involved in UMBC’s anniversary celebrations. He also offered a student perspective on major campus-wide events throughout the 50th year, from the Women’s Center’s “Take Back the Night” to SGA’s “Election Night Extravaganza,” sharing photos and reflections on UMBC’s main social media accounts and in UMBC Magazine.


Emily Eaglin, B.F.A., Visual Arts (Cinematic Arts)

Entering UMBC as a Linehan Artist Scholar, Emily Eaglin has combined creative scholarship with passionate engagement on social issues to develop several projects capturing the attention of local and national audiences alike.

Eaglin has worked to hone her approach and techniques in film and video to realize cinema’s powerful potential to communicate about the complex intersections of class, gender, and race with a mass audience. She has created several film projects and a web series, Marylandia(2016), while at UMBC —receiving two competitive student awards to support the research and production of that series.


Zakari Jaworski, Dance, Undergraduate Research Award Recipient
Mentor professor Ms. Carol Hess-Vait

Meaning in Movement: Understand Dance Through Research

Zakari is developing a video gallery of performances he has worked on during the American Dance Festival. View a selection of his work here.

Jacob Mueller, B.A., Theatre

Jacob Mueller is a Linehan Artist Scholar who has continually distinguished himself at UMBC as a thoughtful and creative lighting designer. Mueller has worked on the student-directed Studio 3 productions Gidion’s Knott and Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You, and was the lighting designer for his department’s Blackbox Theatre production of Proof, a highly competitive opportunity to showcase his growing expertise.


Rachel Morin, Visual Arts, Undergraduate Research Award Recipient
Mentor Professor Sarah Sharp

Documentary of Catholic Missions in Peru

Rachel Morin travelled to Lima, Peru to conduct interview with Catholic missionaries to investigate the role of personal faith in answering the question: What moves us to give our time, money, and energy to people in need? Throughout her travels, she used her role as a visiting missionary, documenter, and artist to conduct meaningful and vulnerable interviews across diverse backgrounds.


Ezra Pailer, Visual Arts, Undergraduate Research Award Recipient
Mentor Professor Corrie Parks

Animated Documentary Exploring Poetry as a Tool of Activism

Ezra Pailer  is collaborating with D.C. area writer and poet, Jordann Allen, to produce an animated documentary film that explores ways in which live action footage and hand drawn animation can interact to create unique and compelling visual worlds.


Emmanuel Mones, Visual Arts, Undergraduate Research Award Recipient
Mentor Professor Mark Durant

Alt-Masc: Defying Toxic Masculinity through Fashion and Photography


Mia Rickenbach, Theatre, Undergraduate Research Award Recipient
Mentor Professor Nate Sinnott

Cobalt Studios Summer Scene Painting

Mia Rickenbach is researching the presence of slavery and human trafficking in our world today. Through combining her advanced scenic painting techniques and collaborative research with nonprofits such as The Samaritan Women, Araminta Freedom Initiative, and The Well, she will develop a form of visual storytelling to engage the public in a meaningful conversation about the realities of human trafficking.



Aimi Bouillon, Visual Arts IMDA MFA & Jeffrey Gangwisch, Visual Arts, IMDA MFA

Recipients of Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life/Joy of Giving Something, Inc. $2,000 tuition award and $500 fellowship award to attend the 2017 Imagining America National Conference, October 12-14th, 2017 in Davis, California.


Jeffrey Gangwisch, Visual Arts

Jeffrey Gangwisch, IMDA Graduate Student will be participating in the Overheard Map of Now III: Re: Like Artist Residency in late November.  His project POP-UP: an AR Platform for Democratized Public Art was chosen for inclusion in the incubator in May 2017. The incubator seeks to develop unique and groundbreaking works by connecting talented artists and entrepreneurs with industry leaders in film, media, technology, and business for knowledge sharing, meaningful exchanges, and relationship building.


Mollye Bendell

Mollye Bendell, IMDA Graduate Student, will have work featured in the exhibition Slow Forms at School 33 Art Center, November 10, 2017 – Jan 6, 2018. Opening reception Friday November 10, 6 – 9pm


IMDA Students Featured in What May Be at Tectonic Art Space

IMDA Graduate Students Aimi Bouillon, Mitchell Noah and Jeffrey Gangwisch are showing work in the exhibition What May Be at Tectonic Art Space, Nov 4 – 26, 2017. Opening reception Saturday, November 4, 7 – 10pm. 2000 Greenmount Ave, Baltimore, MD 21218