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Jessica Meyer, violist/composer

Thursday, September 3 | 8 PM
Earl and Darielle Linehan Concert Hall

Violist and composer Jessica Meyer presents her 50-minute solo show for viola and electronics, Sounds of Being, which asks the question, “How can certain sounds convey a specific emotional experience?” While using a loop-pedal to transform herself into an orchestra, she creates a surround-sound sensory experience where both music and storytelling take the audience on a journey filled with joy, anxiety, closeness, anger, bliss, torment, loneliness, and passion.

Meyer says of Sounds of Being, “My pieces explore some of my favorite musical sounds and styles that I have either performed over the years or listened to in my car – from  Bach, Brahms, and Blues, to Flamenco, Indian Raga, and Appalachian fiddling. I love performing fragile timbres, wailing gestures, and percussive grooves to make my instrument sound like a drum, an electric guitar, an Indian sarangi, or an extension of my own voice. The loop pedal helps me combine all of these sounds together to transform myself into an entire orchestra of emotion.”

The CIRCA banner photo portrays Associate Professor Lisa Cella in performance with a video projection by Associate Professor Stephen Bradley during the CIRCA-IRC Liz Lerman Critical Response Workshop, April 29, 2015. Documentation photograph by Jaclin Paul.