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AbbottMiller13wVisual Art and Design
April 8 – June 30
Albin O. Kuhn Library Gallery

Wednesday, April 22 at 7:00 PM, public talk by Abbott Miller and reception.

The work of Abbott Miller merges graphic design and typography with spatial design, interactive media, and curatorial projects. Through design and art direction as well as writing and curating, Miller’s work embraces exhibitions, digital media, environmental graphics, textiles, identities and publication design. Trained as an artist and designer, Miller’s projects reflect his interests in art, performance, photography, fashion, architecture, and history.

This exhibition is based on his recently published monographAbbott Miller: Design and Content (Princeton Architectural Press, 2014). The book argues that designers inhabit a critical space between form and content. Miller sees the role of the designer as a performer and interpreter, using words and images to dramatically stage content. He has collaborated with renowned artists, performers, and curators to create publications, digital media, and exhibitions that dramatically embody their content. He has also written extensively on design and the role of the designer as an author and editor, a figure who mediates and shapes narrative environments, whether in the space of a book or an exhibition.




The CIRCA banner photo portrays Associate Professor Lisa Cella in performance with a video projection by Associate Professor Stephen Bradley during the CIRCA-IRC Liz Lerman Critical Response Workshop, April 29, 2015. Documentation photograph by Jaclin Paul.