CIRCA Professional Development Grants for Part-Time Faculty (PDG-AL)

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This fund is intended to provide creative and research-related support to part-time lecturers and adjunct faculty in the Visual and Performing Arts (Dance, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts).

Adjunct faculty must be teaching at UMBC at the time of application and should have taught a minimum of two courses in the last 2 years, current semester included. An individual faculty member may receive a maximum of $1,000 (Adjunct I) or $1,500 (Part-time Lecturer, Adjunct II or Adjunct III). Once a faculty member has reached the maximum award amount, they will be eligible to apply again in two years. Current UMBC graduate students teaching in an adjunct capacity are not eligible for this funding. Faculty on short-term, full-time appointments should contact the CIRCA director to determine their eligibility.

Funds should be used towards a specific exhibition, performance, presentation or dissemination of creative work or research. Documentation should be included in the application (invitation letter, event websites or programs listing the participants name). Some ways the grant funds can be used:

  • Travel to a festival, conferences, or symposia in order to present one’s creative work.
  • Professional development activities, such as attendance at workshops, residencies or courses to develop new skills related to the applicant’s artistic practice or pedagogy.
  • Material expenses* to realize an upcoming exhibition or performance.

*Funds cannot be used to purchase sensitive equipment such as computers, cameras, AV equipment, or any item over $600.

To apply, fill out the application form and include a letter of need explaining the purpose for the funds, an itemized budget indicating the precise amount of the request, and why this support would make a difference in the creative, scholarly or teaching goals of the applicant.

A brief memo (1-2 paragraphs) of support from a Chair should be sent via email to The chair should confirm that that faculty member has taught two courses in the past two years and indicate the likelihood of the faculty member teaching for the department sometime during the academic semester or year following funding.

Policies and restrictions:

  • Awards will be made on a rolling basis and will be offered until the center’s available funding for this program has been exhausted.
  • Faculty who have received the maximum amount of support within the last two fiscal years are not eligible to apply.
  • Funding is provided retroactively to a department up to the amount that was spent, but not in excess of indicated award level.
  • Expenses should comply with UMBC and department guidelines for purchasing and travel (please ask if you have questions about allowable expenses!)
  • At the conclusion of the event or activity, a short report describing what was accomplished and how funds were spent is required of all awardees. Please email your report to

Once completed applications are received, materials will be reviewed as soon as possible in consultation with Advisory Board members, and the Director will respond with a determination on the request. All efforts will be made to provide a decision to the applicant within two weeks.

This grant opportunity is a pilot initiative by CIRCA to increase research support for faculty across all levels and will be re-assessed annually.