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CIRCA Presents: Shelly Purdy and Bonnie Lander in Concert

April 19, Music Box, PAHB 151
3:30-4:30, followed by reception

Shelly Purdy is a contemporary percussionist and educator committed to performing new and experimental music. She performs with various ensembles including the percussion quartet Umbilicus, the science/music ensemble The Inverse Square Trio, Sonic Meditations Baltimore, arts-in-education ensemble Envirodrum Maryland, and The Columbia Orchestra.In addition to ensemble pursuits Ms. Purdy regularly partners with local composers, musicians, dancers, sculptors, and various improvisers within the Baltimore community. Ms. Purdy’s passion for contemporary works has led to a vast array of opportunities including performances at Baltimore’s Artscape Festival, So Percussion’s Summer Institute, IFCP at Mannes, June in Buffalo, Make Music New York, The Livewire Festival, The High Zero Festival, The Center for Advanced Musical Studies at Chosen Vale, and has performed with ensembles such as the Talujon Percussion Quartet, the Wooden Cities Contemporary Ensemble, and the Baltimore trio Microkingdom.

Bonnie Lander (USA) is an avant-garde soprano, violinist, free improviser, and composer based in Baltimore. As a performer and composer Bonnie specializes in works that combine free improvisation with structured composition. In the past few years Bonnie has developed a series of theatrical series of works called “Inside Voices.” These works intend for the audience to experience the voices, noise, and emotional narratives in the performer’s mind through the operatic use of timbre, resonance, articulation, as well its embrace of visceral, gut wrenching emotion. Bonnie currently works at 2640 Space in Baltimore, and is a founding member of NYC based chamber ensemble Rhymes With Opera, which premiered her 2017 opera Coping Mechanisms.


URCAD: 23rd Annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day

Wednesday, April 24

Dance, Music and Theater Performances |10:00 AM  – Noon |  Dance Cube, 337 PAHB
Video Game Exhibits | 10:00 – 11:30 AM | UC Ballroom Lounge
Light Show by Scott Sainz |1:00 – 2:30 PM | UC Ballroom Lounge
Diana And Actaeon: by Hannah Cao | 1 – 2:30 p.m. | Poster #100,  UC Ballroom |
Film and Animation Festival | 2:30 – 4:00 PM | Fine Arts Recital Hall

Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day (URCAD) features research, scholarship, and creative work carried out by UMBC undergraduates. Student work is shared through oral presentations, posters, artistic exhibits, performances, and film. Over 300 presenters participate annually. Researchers work with faculty mentors on independent research, or research that is part of the mentor’s on-going projects. They are from all disciplines, and can be working on a thesis, capstone project, part of a scholars or honors program, or they can be unaffiliated. This campus-wide celebration of achievement affirms UMBC’s commitment to the twin goals of research and a distinctive undergraduate experience.

All current undergraduates who have conducted research, scholarship or creative work in the last year may apply to present their results at URCAD. Mentors, fellow students, friends, family members, high school teachers and students, graduate school recruiters, and the general public are invited to attend.

For complete information, please visit the URCAD website.


The Edge Effect by LucidBeings Dance
Sunday, April 28, 3 p.m.
Dance Cube, Performing Arts and Humanities Building

LucidBeings Dance premiers an original production, The Edge Effect, featuring choreography by Franki Graham and Jeanna Riscigno and sound score by composer Timothy Nohe. Inspired by the extraordinary biome created at the merging of two ecosystems, the dancers explore the potential for cooperation, support and sustainability possible when diverse communities are brought together as one. Discover the beauty that is possible at their intersection: Dive the ocean, play in the grasses of the prairie, experience the vastness of the tundra and swing through the branches of the rainforest with LucidBeings in this one-night only performance.



CIRCA, Pi Mu Ep, and the College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences present: Dr. Diane Hoffoss

April 29, 12-1pm 
PUP 105, Reception follows in Atrium of PUP, 1:00 – 1:30

In August 2018, a two-ton interactive sculpture showcasing unsolved problems of mathematics and physics came to life in the Nevada desert. Rising 12 feet tall, the unfolding dodecahedron was externally skinned with black panels containing 2240 acrylic windows illuminated by more than 16,000 individually programmed LEDs, while the interior was lined with mirrors over each pentagonal face. The resulting artwork was displayed at Black Rock City, the desert location of Burning Man. This talk outlines our journey, two mathematicians embracing the role of amateur sculpture artists.