Grant Application Assistance

UMBC Arts faculty who are seeking sponsored funding for their projects are invited to contact CIRCA Director Lynn Cazabon or Rachel Brubaker, Associate Director CAHSS Creative Achievement and Research Administration Team (CARAT), for assistance. CIRCA serves as a liaison with sponsors, departments, the CAHSS Dean’s Office, and the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Faculty should consult with their department chair before submitting a funding application, particularly if their regular teaching and service duties will be impacted.

Grant assistance may include:

  • Identifying potential funding opportunities
  • Developing proposals (preparing project narratives and budgets, creating timelines and work plans)
  • Preparing proposals for routing (obtaining institutional approval) in Kuali, UMBC’s grants platform

Faculty identified as Principal Investigators (PI) on sponsored projects must also obtain PI eligibility in order to submit proposals and receive awards at UMBC. We can provide assistance with that process.

What needs to be routed:

Any application for external funding in which ANY of the following applies:

  • Funds will be awarded directly to the University and will be administered by the University.
  • The faculty member’s responsibilities to the University will be affected.
  • The faculty member plans to request a formal leave (e.g. fellowship leave) from the University.

What does not need to be routed:

Any application or proposal for external funding in which ALL of the following apply:

  • Funds are not awarded to UMBC.
  • Funds are not administered by UMBC.
  • PI responsibilities to the sponsor, if awarded, will not impinge upon their responsibilities to UMBC.

Non-routed applications and proposals should be documented with a CAHSS Routing Form for External Competitive Fellowships, Grants and Awards (DocuSign), particularly if the project will be included in the Faculty Annual Report (FAR)/Digital Measures.

More information: CAHSS Resources for Faculty and Staff