Anti-Racism and Action: Our Roles Now (4th Session)

Fourth Drop-In Session:  Political Participation, Voting Bias, and Democracy

Friday October 30, 10am

The Dresher Center for the Humanities, Center for Social Science Scholarship, Center for Innovation, Research, and Creativity in the Arts and the Imaging Research Center invite you to attend the fourth Anti-Racism and Action: Our Roles Now Drop-in Session on Friday October 30th from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM to consider how we can continue to use our roles as faculty, staff, teachers, chairs/directors, graduate students, or mentors to work toward racial justice, social change, civic action, community action, and pedagogical engagement. The focus of this session will be a conversation about political participation, voting discrimination and voter suppression, and democracy, key issues as we look ahead to the upcoming presidential election.