Chelsea Pace: Lessons from a Decade of Staging Sex

Wednesday, February 24, noon – 1:30pm, Recording

Chelsea Pace, Assistant Professor of Movement in the UMBC Department of Theatre, will give an overview of her research on staging sex, the complicated nature of consent, interpersonal and institutional power dynamics, and boundaries. She will share the implications of that work in the realm of theatre and film, but also the potential applications of that work more broadly in academia and beyond.

Chelsea Pace is Co-Founder and Head Faculty of Theatrical Intimacy Education. A leading intimacy choreographer, coordinator, and educator, she has shared her work with thousands of theatre and film artists around the world from major studio sets and international workshops to indies and off-broadway. Chelsea has been developing ethical, efficient, and effective systems for staging intimacy for over 10 years, and her book, Staging Sex: Best Practices, Tools, and Techniques for Theatrical Intimacy was released in March 2020 from Routledge Publishing. Chelsea is the current President of The Association for Theatre Movement Educators and is the Assistant Professor of Movement at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Her current book project focuses on building more ethical arts institutions.