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Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

September 25
Noon – 1:00 PM
Location: Fine Arts 558 (South Elevator)
Free, catered event, with good vegetarian options

Professional Practice Presentation:

Much to the chagrin of artists, there are legal implications to making creative work. This applies to amateurs and professionals alike in all mediums of expression. The minute that you put paint to canvas, or sine wave to hard drive, or light to celluloid, copyright gets involved. This can be a good thing because copyright strengthens your ability to protect and profit from your creative expressions. Similarly, whenever you collaborate with other artists, get a commission from a patron, or take on some independent contractor work, an oral or written contract is likely lurking around the corner. Contracts help humans figure out exactly what their wants, needs, and expectations are for any particular scenario. During this talk, we will cover introductory legal issues related to copyright and contracts, and we will discuss how these two areas of the law relate to your work as an artist.

Bio: Adam Holofcener, Esq.
is the Executive Director of Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, a non-profit organization that provides pro bono legal services and education to Maryland based artists and arts organizations. In his legal practice, Adam counsels artists and musicians on matters of copyright, trademark, contract, business entity formation, constitutional law, and other issues. He teaches a seminar on Art and Media Law at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law. Adam is also a practicing musician and sound artist. Information related to his creative endeavors can be found at He is a dad who lives in Baltimore City, USA.